Export Details

Our date are gently handpicked, sorted and packed in our elite and hygienic sorting and packing facilities.

Each and every date goes under several quality control inspections & checkups before it gets cleaned, sanitized, and sorted in accordance to the required size.

Our Standard Packing size is 1 KG & 5 KG Box. We also provide smaller packing (i.e 0.5 KG, 2 KG and 3 KG) in accordance to our customer's river dates.


Available packages: 1KG 1KG
Box Dimension Width 18.5
Length 13.5
Height 7.5
Width 41
Length 31.5
Height 8.5
Dates Number
80 ,67, 53, 45, 40 400 ,335, 265, 235, 200
Date Size Small,Medium,
Large, Jumbo,
Super Jumbo
Large, Jumbo,
Super Jumbo
Box/Pallet 800 176
Gross Weight/Box 1.18KG 5.40KG


We offer our clients several packing solution in addition to private labeling upon request.

Standards of transportation.

-Sea freight containers.

Container size Number of Pallet Minimum net weight (KG) FCL Maximum net weight (KG) FCL
20' Reefer 10 8,800 9,000
40' Reefer 20 17,600 18,000

The reefer container is brought from the port to our packing house in the Jordan Valley for packing and getting ready for shipping.


- Medjool Packing and Palletization.

Box Master Case/Pallet Boxes/Master Case Boxes/Pallet Net weight in (KG)/Pallet Est. gross weight in (KG)/Pallet
1 KG 100 8 800 800 920
5 KG N/A N/A 176 880 1000

Standard pallet dimensions: 100 cm wide X 120 cm length X 200 cm height.


- Barhi Packing and Palletization.

Box Boxes/Pallet Net weight in (kg)/Pallet Est. gross weight in (kg)/Pallet                                                                            
5 KG 150 750 950


Air shipment:

Are Available for smaller orders upon customer demand.