Our Facilities

Our farms have a unique location: 200 meters to the Eastern side of the Jordan River; that is being
right on the Jordan River Bed. This allows the yielding of distinguished dates: unique in its colour,
taste, and texture.

In addition to this, the warm climate of the Jordan Valley all year round and its unique semi-clayish
soil and fabulous climate during winter give the Medjool and Barhi Dates an exclusive flavour.

Jordan River farms currently grows 5000 palm trees with a vision of targeting 8000 tree mark over the
900,000 sqm. of our agricultural farming land. The annual yield is tons growing to reach the full capacity of 1000 tons.

We have state of the art nursing facilities that are equipped with climate control green houses, where we acclimatize and grow our Palm Dates Tissue Culture in preparation for planting in our fields or selling to end users ready to be planted at the field.

All processing of the dates is carried in-house with state-of-the-art processing and packing equipment. By eliminating all unnecessary handling of dates, we insure that our dates are kept fresh and unscathed. All products are Frozen at -18C in house with full temperature control system

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